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If you’re purchasing a home, refinancing the one you have or want to learn more about how mortgages work, we want to make sure you have all the tools you need. That’s why we provide technology, education and customer service to help you with the mortgage process – from applying, to getting approved, to managing your loan.


National Home Buyers Assistance Program FAQs

What is NHBAP?

National Home Buyers Assistance Program® is an online mortgage experience developed to help you connect with the leading lender officers in the United State. 

National Home Buyers Assistance Program isn’t a calculator; it’s a way to get a mortgage. Just tell us about yourself, your home and your finances, and we’ll give you real interest rates and numbers – not just our best guess. Then, you can use National Home Buyers Assistance Program® to get approved, ask questions about your mortgage.

How much cash do I need to close with NHBAP?

You don’t need to pay out of pocket to close your refinance loan with National Home Buyers Assistance Program®. In fact, we only connect you with the best and trustworthy lender officer near you.

What kind of refinance loans can I get with NHBAP?

When you refinance with NHBAP®, you can get a loan to take cash out, lower your payment, shorten your term, or even do a combination of those depending on your numbers. 

National Home Buyers Assistance Program® recommends loans you may be eligible for based on the information you provide. When you use NHBAP®  help to apply, you may see mortgage recommendations for conventional loans, FHA loans (including FHA Streamlines), VA loans (including Interest Rate Reduction Refinance loans) and jumbo loans.

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